Wednesday, August 8, 2012

one of those days

spent yesterday making hexagons and sewing them together
 I wondered why I spent yesterday making hexagons and sewing them together
I messed them up by sewing around them with the machine
I then embroidered around them trying to hide the fact I machine sewed around them
and I'm not sure how to finish something I'm not really happy with
I hate
"one of those days" days
so I'm going to stop
and go and do this instead

read my new magazine drink some tea 

wish I was eating good old fish and chips 
wrapped in newspaper and covered in vinegar!!!

maybe tomorrow won't be
one of those days!!!



Valeria said...

ohh i dont like those days ,i seem
to be having alot them right now and
im not enjoy it one bit .
i think its the rain here thats doing this to me :/
lets just hope today and the days to come will be better ,love the hexagons
Love Svana

elaine carstairs said...

You too? My little knitted bag went belly up as well and I thought, I'm not enjoying this so why am I bothering? lol! I do think your hexagons are looking lovely, it's so beautiful Marilyn.

Yumm, fish and chips with vinegar, oh you're making me hungry!!!

Anonymous said...

Hubby has tired of seeing strange creatures dropping off my knitting needles and has put in a request for a seamless jumper. I have struggled and sturggled with the circular needles, and now realise it is because they are all kinked up where they have been folded into a packet for so long, (they are inherited). I now have a new circular needle, but still not making much headway. Haven't even managed back into place soon! to swatch.
Hope everyone's crafty efforts get back on track soon! Mia S

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sometimes it is best to walk away from a project and take a breather. If you don't machine sew the hexies together, then how do you sew them -- by hand? I can't see anything wrong with what you've done, but then, I don't sew. I like the colors and patterns of the fabrics you used. Hope today is a better day creatively. :) Best wishes, Tammy