Monday, August 6, 2012

a new quest...

after I posted the other day
I was asked if I wanted to join
 in her creative challenge
which is to make something creative and post it each day in 

as I seem to have a mojo  these days
I said
love to

I can make one thing a day and do a post

yes, I can
I will
I must
so here is the first post of the thing I made yesterday
I wanted to see how small I could make the hex's
like the squares in the other
I posted a few days ago
I got down to 
I would have posted yesterday
but I had another one of those
"I have to stand by while the mister does some 
house minding
and I may have to help"
we had a leak in the skylight
it's been raining 
on my feet at night
so he had to fix it

and he did

my feet are dry

thank you husband


NOW...if you would like to join in the 
daily do something creative quest
you are very welcome to join
just leave a comment and we'll see how we can link up

something else I did yesterday
that I thought I would NEVER do
is open up my
page and actually 
post on it
now I have to find out how to put it on here....

I have found friends from other places already there
so it isn't too strange
just have to figure it out
like so many other things these days
how on earth did we function without all this reaching out and touching all the time
it's such a small small world anymore

OH and did you get a Tweet from Mars today
yes, Mars
well, you know the rover landed last night, right??
NASA "parked a car"" up there
a great big honking SUV type thing
put it right down like they've done it so many times before
the rover is 

hm hmm
 if the rocket ship can Tweet
surely I can
now off to make something to post tomorrow that I actually made today
or something like that