Saturday, August 4, 2012

a co-inky-dink

so the other day I was perusing the pins on Pinterest
as is my passion presently


on Elaine s' board
and went right over to the site
and before I knew it
I had the beads out on the desk and I was making a bracelet
I couldn't lay my hands on the seed beads but I did spy the

thread a bead

and then a ring

hm mm mm mm mm

e voila..............

a short while later
 I had me a bracelet!!!
a heavy but somehow comfortable bracelet
you see the button 
yes, that button on the end there
I cut it off my blouse
snip and it was gone
I know!!!
with all those buttons I have 
well it just suited the situation
and I don't do the buttons up on my blouse anyway
why not!!!!!!!!
now to the co-inky-dink
I didn't get around to posting that day
so I decided to do it today
and when I opened up 
there was a post from 
with her version of the bracelet
I absolutely LOVE hers
the beads are soooooo
do go over and see it
you never know
you may just find yourself at your
work space
making one for you 

now where are those blue beads
and what's on the