Monday, August 20, 2012

monday comes after sunday...

ch 72
dc in fourth ch from hook
miss 2 ch
make a v-stitch in next ch
(v-stitch= 1dc ch 2 1dc in same place)
miss 2 ch
v-stitch in next ch all across to the end
ch 2 turn

2 dc in first ch 2 space  ch 2   2dc 
in same v-stitch
do this in each ch2 space across
ch2 turn

in each ch2 space of last row
make 6dc
sc in each gap between 
do this all the way across

when you reach the end
finish off and cut the yarn
roll the "lace" up sew it all together
 and form a 


I found an unfinished bag and
finished it

(but I don't have a pineapple to put in it!!!!!)

I'm thinking about whether I should line it 
or not


MrS wiLD said...

Cute flower & the sweet pineapple holder - does it have to store to rippen?

NillaK said...

Love the rose! I have tried several patterns like it, where you roll it to a flower, but I never manage to get it good looking at all. All the petals in the same place, making it look anything but round... But I still love the look of them! :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely crochet in such pretty colors. I took lots of yarn with me on our recent trip but didn't make much use of it this time. Happy mid-week to you. Tammy

Madhu said...

Oh boy! ch....miss across..finish cut roll lace sew....and voila a ROSE!!!!
I promise you it is way easier to just fill a piping bag with a star nozzle with some buttercream and squeeze to get a rose! :-)