Monday, August 20, 2012

monday comes after sunday...

ch 72
dc in fourth ch from hook
miss 2 ch
make a v-stitch in next ch
(v-stitch= 1dc ch 2 1dc in same place)
miss 2 ch
v-stitch in next ch all across to the end
ch 2 turn

2 dc in first ch 2 space  ch 2   2dc 
in same v-stitch
do this in each ch2 space across
ch2 turn

in each ch2 space of last row
make 6dc
sc in each gap between 
do this all the way across

when you reach the end
finish off and cut the yarn
roll the "lace" up sew it all together
 and form a 


I found an unfinished bag and
finished it

(but I don't have a pineapple to put in it!!!!!)

I'm thinking about whether I should line it 
or not