Thursday, August 23, 2012

cloudy with a chance of finishing...

I bought far too much mohair
well I didn't know how big the balls would be
and it was on sale
so I made sure I had sufficient
to make
I don't remember!!!
I had just made something that used every single centimetre
not a cent to spare
so I overindulged
but now I can make a great big
something or other
isn't it pretty?
all soft and fluffy
and weightless
and tangled up with itself

we are all watching the tropical storm in the Atlantic
they say it will land in Florida
if it does I hope it's just a breeze by the time it gets there
no one needs any more drama and damage
(only good thing is it might disrupt a certain "party" taking place)
but as long as no one gets hurt!!!
(well, I can't stand them but I don't want them hurt)
if it comes this way it won't be for days so we'll be able to get ready if necessary
could use the rain 
but not the nonsense
stay alert if you're down there and stay safe