Friday, February 24, 2012

that's a storm a brewin'

the sky is getting darker
the wind is howling too

it's really blowing the water

and the trees and bushes too

they've put up the tornado watch
it's crazy and just nuts

so I'm going to shut the 'puter off
and go watch Martha
do her stuff

on a t-shirt
draw something dotty with Sharpie pens
then drip isopropyl alcohol on the ink and watch it bloom
this isn't good coz it isn't on a t-shirt
and as I don't wear t-shirts
 the husband better hand over one
 or he's wearing polka dots


ha look whoooooooo
I found on the floor
under the desk
the one that got away
and he has feet
I think it's the one I made to show you how to
do double knitting and then something happened
and it never got done
so he took off and hid
I guess!!!
oh well
it's raining so I better go
see ya