Thursday, February 2, 2012

a new wrist-lette

OK it's a bracelet

one of those that have been around for a while now
but keep showing up all over the place and...
   I found a video of one, thanks to Elaine and decided that I was sick of just looking and...
 oohing and aaaaahhhhing over them and...
 so I got my stash out and...
 la dee dah dee dah and...
I got me a new bracelet
it's really easy to make
you need some leather cord
some thin but strong thread
I had some silk from days gone by
and a button and some beads
I have all of that
in my drawers :o
 this video to show you how to put it all together
which I knew but it's nice to have a voice talking to you while you do it!!!
do have a can use some old beads from a broken piece if you have them
or go out and spend a few bucks, pounds, yen, francs, lire, kroner on yourself
it's fun and cheap!!!