Monday, February 6, 2012

a slight hiccup with the bracelets... :{

that just makes me sooooooo
when I made the bracelets last week
I used silk thread to sew the beads on with
that is what I thought one did
I looked up several ways to make them and silk was mentioned
guess what
it isn't
the thread broke and the beads went everywhere
I was sitting at the time so most fell into my lap
gggrrr rrr
guess it should be linien or cotton of somthing other than

I do want to thank you all for the nice comments about the
silly things
other than the silk issue

wish we could all sit down somewhere and make some
as well as teach the things we can do
 to those who want to learn how
and more importantly
 learn new things too

Oh well can't have everything
so I guess I'm going back to the drawing board
in this case
the bead board

edit....well I'll be!!! a bit of noggin use and I found a solution...I have, for some unknown reason....yes, in my drawers...some button/carpet/crafts thread...stong and sturdy and brown, so it doesn't show up on the leather....hurray works no bead board meeting needed!!!


Kathryn said...

They are really pretty though, they remind of little berries hanging from a bench... I love them and hope you get the technical issue sorted xx

Teresa said...

I guess you could use some silver wire (very thin one) too on the amethyst one (me and amethysts... humpffff lol) it wouldn't break easily and wouldn't show along with the silver beads... And I don't know about you, but here we can find some thread at the Chinese stores--they're sort of our dollar stores around here--that are waxed cotton or something of the sort, they should be pretty sturdy too! Or fishing line, that's what I used when I made jewelry as a kid :)

Valeria said...

i like them no matter what you use ;) im feeling kinda sick now so im just gona go and crawl under a blanket
hugs and more hugs to you