Friday, February 10, 2012

can you have too many needles and too much yarn....

greetings earthlings
I have come to take over the planet!!!!!!


do you have one of these?
as a child I had one made from a thread spool and it made tiny little cords
now you can buy steroid fed ones

 I think with the large end one could probably make a small pouch if you used thick enough yarn!!!

 I have finally decided
(well I think I have
we'll have to see how I get on!!!)

what I will do with my
yarn dyed and spun by


I found it on
it's called
I've seen it around for a long time but never stopped to look at it
and I think it will suit the yarn
or is it the yarn will suit it???
at the very end of all the knitting you get to drop a whole bunch of stitches
on purpose
and it makes stripes!!!
I like dropping stitches
on purpose

I also have this yarn that I love

so I'm going to see what it looks like in

and this yarn that I bought a few days ago
coz I couldn't help it!!!

found a really cool pattern for this
don't recall the name of it
you start with one stitch
add on with a Kfb on all rows
and then when it's wide enough
you make short rows until you run out of stitches
and then you turn and start again
and it ends up making a zig zag....
I should look for the pattern and link to it!!!!
:{  :}

I knitted for two evenings and got this far
one more ball and that's it
it's very long and skinny
and it's wool so it's warm
very warm
but the weather is changing again
it's like a roller coaster here these days

and these are some stitch markers I made with some tiny buttons and jump rings

this one is made with a
cloisonne bead

hope all is well in your part of the world
stay warm and safe all
see ya!


Anonymous said...

Marilyn it is called a Multi Directional Diagonal Scarf, I made on and posted a photo on Flickr the other day. Love this pattern. Its perfect for a self stripping yarn. Stay warm this weekend. Going to be a cold one. Happy knitting. Cathy

Andu said...

WOW! There is a whole lotta love going on here. First off yeah to knitting the clapotis. I have been wanting to knit that for a while, I may have to copy you, maybe in pink-hehe. Your entralec looks fantastic as does your multi directional.
Those stitch markers are adorable!

Annie said...

You can never have too much yarn or too many needles, well not so long as there's still room for it, them and you in your house!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I see that you are keeping busy over here with needles and hook and yarn and beads. I've gotten a little off-track lately with work and parent conferences and such. Hard to keep up sometimes. Looks like things have cleared over there. Never know what our weather will be like from one day to the next. Have a great rest of the weekend. Tammy

NillaK said...

Wow, you've been busy! And everything you make looks so pretty and fun to make. Love the clapotis, that will probably look great! And those little button stitch markers... so cute! :)