Friday, February 3, 2012

instant gratification

by this morning I had forgotten about the bracelet I made yesterday
man it suck I hate  getting old


not remembering one day to the next!!!!!!
so it was a surprise to find this on my desk
when I opened up the

and then went to flickr

so deciding I need a break from the knitting and hooking
I got the stash of beads and do dads out and
proceeded to make

 mixed jade
the labels said
new jade
yellow jade
and jade

there is a bag of amethyst
so I used some of them on a
memory bracelet
that is made on wire that keeps its shape
memory wire

that took a while to load all those tiny silver seed beads
but I did it
 in between answering the phone to stupid telemarketers
answering the front door to salesmen who told me our house
is basically in need
of everything he can think of selling us
thank you and goodbye

then as I was cleaning up I spied this leather button in the
button box

so I made a third one with
metal beads
and I like it!!!


I also looked at all the photos of the snow and cold in Europe
guess it's your turn this year
feel for all of you
and I hope it doesn't cause any trouble for you
and that it leaves very soon
but it's the weekend so you can cuddle up warm and safe I hope
with family
or friends
or your hooky love
stay warm and get some rest

maybe make a bracelet or three!!!