Wednesday, February 22, 2012

photo heavy...word light...hopefully..not so much

after having read this

I am putting the tut back up

thank you Leah  for such a clear explanation
now we know
and can get over ourselves!!!!
stitches used
(US terms (don't know the others sorry))

half double crochet
slip stitch
magic circle to start centre

 make a granny type centre...
magic loop
chain 3
2 hdc in loop
chain 1
3 hdc in loop
 until you have 4 3 hdc sets and 4 ch 1 spaces
slst into first st
fasten off and
change colour

2 hdc in first stitch
 (not  corner space as in granny square)

1 hdc 
2 hdc in 3rd stitch
ch 3 
and repeat in each stitch around
so that you have
20 hdc and 4 ch 3 spaces
fasten off and change colour

repeat this on all the rows
adding  more chains to the corners
and making two hdc in the first and last stitches of the row below

the chains on the corners grow by 2 each round

and when you have completed 6 rounds
you have a
make another one or 50
and join them together with the join as you go method
which means no sewing lots of blocks/squares/motifs together at the end

this is how I did it
you do it as you know how or look it up and find a video if this doesn't look or feel right!!!

as I made the last row of hdc I slipped the hook ito the top of each stich of the other block after making one side....

and this is how it looks

hope this is clear enough for you to follow
it's a really easy block to make and it will use up all those bits you have lying around
tell me if something isn't right
thank you
good night!!!!