Monday, September 22, 2014

Post 989...

a few questions for a Monday morning
when you find something you really like
and it works as advertised
do they take it off the shelves
and stop making it altogether
 and there isn't anything to take its place
why does 'new and improved' mean
it's not so good any more
and why don't they just leave the old alone
is there so much negativity in this world these days
so much bad news
so little focus on what's important
 and so much on what isn't
can't children be children anymore
why do they have to be little teenagers
 or tiny adults
(where) have all our geese gone
and is Honker really gone forever
haven't seen him for months
so I guess I just answered that
such a wonderful creature he was
so full of purpose
and neediness
so dedicated to those who weren't even his kind
other than they had feathers and big feet just like him
the next generations of Canada Geese won't ever know how loving and protective he was
 of the ones who came before 
and also the swans
but not forgotten
the sight of them in the evening
 feeding right outside the back window was wonderful
I have made myself believe that they moved on
further South to the Lake where there is a wonderful lady who watches out for them all
 aren't there any well written TV shows 
they seem to lose the plot after a couple of episodes
and just wander off aimlessly into
stupid land
doesn't matter which network anymore
did any of you see
' Breathless '
on PBS
 and all the other drivel
too much to bother with now
so I'm glad I've found
"International Mysteries"
which are foreign cop shows and creepy stories
only problem is...
I have to read the subtitles
 so it plays havoc with the mindless needlework thing
and speaking of needlework things, mindless and otherwise
why does it take so long to make something  you fell in love with and just had to start making right a way but now it just doesn't seem to grow fast enough because the stupid stitches are too small to make it  grow fast enough
but you have to finish what you start
coz that's the new rule you made for yourself
and you have to follow the rules
and we're back!!!!!
a bit  awkward and non descript
if I do say so myself!!!
but it's been a while
it'll take a couple of posts
to get back in the swing of   )
blogging about nothing 
'til the next time