Monday, September 29, 2014

992...I won I won I won I won I won....

well that didn't last so long...
a couple of posts and then she disappears again...
well things got a bit screwy and I just let it
I've had sinus problems for a while and it all got too much
 and I just gave in to it
and let the headache bloom
 I didn't put on a fez and silly glasses or smoke a pipe
but I may as well have
the way I felt
it passed and good riddance I say...

I edited that photo over on Flickr and somehow got it over here too
so I used it....
Mr pear is no more
I ate him....and he was deeelish.

I hear you ask
what did you win 
one of my favourite photographers, people and all around lovely lady
had a giveaway on her blog
and I entered it
I don't enter very many giveaways
but I did this one
and I was one of the winners
Kim has some of her photos made into cards and large prints 
and I think she sells them in a local store
go visit her and you'll see
and you;ll be able to see the other wonderful shots she takes of all her critters

I will have to hunt for frames
coz I'm not sharin'
not a one I tell ya
no siree
not one!!!

but this I will share
it's that time again folks
the watch for colour begins once again
the little tree that  features in so many photos on this blog
is at it again
slowly but  surely
it's turning...
will keep a record of the progress...
aren't you just beyond thrilled!!!!!
see ya's