Tuesday, September 23, 2014


a swishable screen upon which to leave sticky fingerprints

new rig with old keyboard, t'was July then

 the reason for not being here
is that for a few weeks I had no keyboard
upon which to write
husband took it upon himself to buy wife a new rig
as they say in the rig world
it was a complete surprise as I was under the impression that my old rig was just fine thank you very much
and I was quite happy to plod along in the old version of myself
 is a gadget man
so to speak
if he were a bird
 he would be a
if that is indeed the one that is so attracted to bright shiny things 
 after rigging up the rig
I started on the journey into the world of
whatever the hell it is now
a large bright screen in front of me
wi-fi floating around me
tiny little  "tower" behind
all so new and bright
Bluetooth to boot
connecting keys to screen
swishing the monitor this way and that
marking up the screen with my sticky little fingers
observing the wide wonderful world of the internets in full screen wonder
visiting friends and acquaintances in full colour
and rocking out to a new list of tunes
as I did my things
and then
goodbye   words
and good bye ROTL
the blue tooth crapped out and because of other things more important than my wicked way with words
I was struck dumb!!!!!
( now to be completely truthful and to cut the crap a bit
there is an on screen keyboard but its a pain in the sit upon to use and very very frustrating to keep having to backtrack and fix the gobble de gook you just typed....but it sounds much more dramatic the other way :))
this year has been one of those years
that if it could
 or fall apart
 or stop dead
 in its tracks
it did
do you have years like that
we do
it started with the fan in my room
one minute whirring around moving the air
the next
nada, nothing, nil, zilch amount of movement
and more importantly than air being moved
the washing machine
 husband "fixed"something
after 21 years of great service it just
wet laundry
and no way to spin it dry
so being the old fashioned girl that I am
I wrung it all out in the bathroom sink
shirts skirts socks and trousers
(if it ever happens to you
  just go out and buy new clothes!!!!!!!)
coz one night in the bath tub
tends to leave a musty smell wafting hither and yon
and of course
it isn't noticed until one is out in public
and a sudden whiff of mildew hits the nostrils
I did put it all in the dryer
that was still working fine
but the odor was already attached by the next morning
so husband chose a new machine
and we had to wait for it to come
and wait and wait and wait
in the meantime I did our washing in the sink
I have done it before and thank heavens I can do it again
husband took the opportunity to redo the laundry space
with new plug'oles
 and fixed holes in the floor and walls
 where the various and sundry bits came and went
new shelves installed above
a swipe of paint for all the chips and marks were from tugging and heaving the old machine out
new wires run
coz the power needed is less
 so we went
wire fishing in the walls
him in the attic and me in front of the place the switch/socket used to be
yelling about whether I can see it or not (the wire coming down behind the wall!)
that led to husband deciding he had to change all the switches and plug 'oles everywhere
"because they need doing"
that's why!!!!!
we now have pretty new light switches
with little lights and slidey things to control just how much illumination one needs to see what one is doing.... or not doing
a day with grandson and son #1
who came to help install the new behemoth
because a behemoth it be
" LG "
life is good
it is indeed once again
and off into the new world of hi tech laundry I went
it washes and dries all in the same machine
(like the ones in Europe have done for centuries
well maybe not centuries
but decades)
for sure
it has a cycle for just about everything you can imagine
 and I have yet to use them all
I'm dying to find out what the difference is between
"blankets and bulky items "
it takes a long time to do it
but it does it well
isn't that all that counts
and it plays a little tune for you
 when it wants you to come and take the laundry out...
it seems the summer was spent making things new and improved
husband has the scars to prove it
but he proves it
in well illuminated rooms
and clean
fresh smelling
and moi
I have a new keyboard upon which to write
once again
(once I have figured out how to find all the photos I've loaded
I'll post a few more!!!)
 and a PS
thank you for the kind comments left yesterday...