Wednesday, September 24, 2014


sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places
and inspiration 
or the lack thereof
is another reason I stayed away
this blog turned into something I didn't really plan on
it was nothing but crochet
I do not do that 24/7 
and it was beginning to bug me
I do,
 and love,
 to do it
but I just don't want to think about it or see it
even though every time I sit down I pick up a hook!!!!!
I don't smoke anymore
haven't for years and years
 there is still that little
 'niggley something'
that  makes the need for busy hands to stay with one
even though I don't work or have kids around anymore
I do seem to keep a semblance of businessness
and even on the quiet days
there is always something that needs to be done
but covering the house in hooky things  is not one of them
I have very little of what I have made out on display
and I have given some of it away
the pot holders and cloths are mostly what is used
there's nothing like a good hooked wash cloth to scrub away a day's toil!!!
and the pot holders just brighten up the drudgery of the kitchen!!
and as it's getting chillier now
 are also used and appreciated
but they live in closets and drawers
so not seen
I do see other houses where its all put on display
blankets tucked warmly and cozily around couches
pillows and cushions piled on for more squishy warmth
lampshades and chairs
covered in covers made of granny squares and such
doilies galore
(sounds like a stripper!!!!)
potholders decorating the walls
blankets on beds and chests and banisters
hands and wrists
coffee cups 
and cell phones
 and tablets 
and apples 
and such
all wrapped up warm and safe
 against this strange and terrible cold 
that necessitates this covering 
of inanimate objects
and my very very least favourite of all
yarn bombing 
everything in sight
I am not one of those who seem to have come forward lately to say that bombing is a waste of yarn
I just don't like it and I don't think it adds anything to the view
but that's 

I have one thought 
not for me
and one question
how do the husbands feel about living in a wool cocoon
all bright 
and girly


 so from here
 I hope to change it up a little bit
oh there will still be hooky stuff no doubt
and the odd knitted something every now and again
but hopefully not every time
all the time
there is so much more