Friday, April 11, 2014

thank you daffodils...

 for not letting me be embarrassed by the state of the hutch
I was going to put you on
that would have shown the dust 
I have enough pride left not to show my slovenly ways of late!!!!!
I had just emptied the dishwasher
so in went all the dusty items off the shelves for a quick hot soapy wash
(for those of you horrified by that 
a dishwasher uses less water than a running tap does!!!
 nor will I drop something I'm very fond of)

so for a while the hutch will sit naked and bare
which is very rare
but I did go and get all those crazy doilies I made last year
just to play...

I'm hoping a spin in the dryer will de-dust these
coz I don't really want to wash and dry and block them again!!!

waiting their turn in the bath!!




I call them Iris!!!!

no words



so thanks to the daffs I brought inside 
coz it's going to rain later
 and they don't like the rain
I did something constructive today
aren't you so glad you dropped by?!