Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'nother spring, 'nother coaster... toot

US terms
stitches used
magic ring
single crochet
double crochet
not my design just a block I picked up along the way!

(edited: have discovered that this is called  the Willow that's what it is )

in a magic ring make
ch 3 15 dc (16 sts)
join to 3rd ch at start

(I changed colours to make the toot easier to see, you choose what you wish)

row 1:
ch 4 in join  (first dc plus ch 1)
ch 1, 1 dc  in each dc around (16 sts 16 ch)

row 2:
ch 3 in join 
2 dc in ch 1 space
1 dc in dc in previous row
(1dc in dc, 2 dc in ch 1 sp)

row 3:
this row makes the chain that you will stitch into to make the last row
in any sp between  dc's make
  1 sc and then ch 5,  ( this is the corner space)
skip two sts and make 1 sc, ch 2,  1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc ch 5 ( you're at the next corner)
repeat this on the other three sides
1 sc ch 2, 1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc ch 2, 1 sc , then ch 5

see there are four sc in between the corner ch 5's
and the sc are in between the sts
it makes for a more stable edge...
now we start on the final row already 
and it's just as easy as the rest has been

row 4:
in the ch 5 space make 5 dc, ch 2,  5 dc,
corner made

in the next ch 2 space 
1 sc
then in the next ch 2 space make 5 dc
1 sc in next ch 2 space

and now you are at the corner again
make 5 dc, ch 2, 5 dc,
and repeat around til you reach the end with a 1 sc in last ch 2 sp
join to beginning ch 3 with a slip stitch and fasten off

and you have
 another coaster 

for another

if you make three more you'll have four

and four more would be great 
coz then you'll have eight!!!

you could keep going and make twelve and using "join-as-you-go" you could make a "doily" to match
they go so quickly, you'd have one for you and one as a gift ??!! 
as always if there is a mistake or a problem (coz remember I'm not a pattern writer!!) just let me know
have fun, make lots and enjoy 
maybe have a cool beverage out in the spring air