Wednesday, April 16, 2014

so there we were buzzing along with spring
blue skies and big puffy clouds

flowers making a comeback in the form of
the daffodils

and the Crab apple blossoms making an appearance at last


and then yesterday dawned
and in the way of the present
it got dark, really dark...
the temperatures plummeted
the wind changed course
and the rains come in with gusto
we went from warm and mild to
"winter's back again"

but, as long as I can capture one fairy dancing in the rain

and the gutter's don't fall off the house!!

all's well with the world
(I wish)

 there are those of you who have been around here long enough to know
I can always find something bright and cheery to do 
I can no longer be referred to as 
a beige person 
any longer

and I am not known to 
blow my own trumpet very often
but blow the trumpet I will with

I love 'em
I love 'em
I love ' em