Friday, April 25, 2014

fire in the sky and... a stud in a rug...

fire in the sky one evening

to be picked up in the Japanese Maple
who's back in all its glory... no, no tinkling sound upon arrival, just departure!!!

and the first sighting of babies....
 (bad shot as I hurried to capture them and they were running for cover as it was beginning to rain...)

on a grey rainy day

that's good for the new flowers at the bottom of the steps

and then...

and then...

and then.... he came..
he flew right by me make sure I saw him
and landed 
and said
I'm back woman...
your stud in a rug...
my cat bird, or his grandson, who knows
there's a cat bird in the garden 
 can it all be bad?
but he's back to make me smile...

( he's a stud in a rug because it looks like he's wearing a toupee on his noggin... and he likes to thinks he's a stud...don't they all???!!!)