Friday, October 25, 2013

fields, flowers and yogurt and candy corn and ghosts

it was pantry stocking day around here 
I had the phone with me so I took a snap
 of the not so pretty trees     

the almost cloudless blue sky

and if the camera had clicked faster
that would have been a quick glimpse of a small pond 
where, in the summer, cows can be seen cooling their feet!!!

and it looks like some ghosts are out early and got captured "on film"
hmmm, maybe I should call that lot on TeeVee who are always in dark places 
asking each other
"did you hear that" ??!!!
the ghost chasers or whatever!!!???

and while I was waiting for certain people to decide which flavour they wanted
I took the camera out and snapped again
too much choice and most of it is crap not good
the Greek stuff was just out of shot
 and as the lady was giving me the stink eye
 I didn't take another!!!

 behind me I found
 the reason for the season
sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar

and NO the little guys did not come home with us

but they did!!!
happy end of the week
enjoy your week end


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