Monday, October 7, 2013

a few days ago a dear
had a question
which wouldn't leave me until I'd figured it out

so I sat and figured it out
along with a couple of other  clever crafters

of course this is paper and that is crocheted
but one has to start somewhere...

why is it that things that look complicated are in fact so simple...

 and to make the day complete we have this on the way

the rain we need
coming all at once
with tornado watches and severe storm warnings
and advice to take cover



Anonymous said...

so nice to see you back. missed you. hope the storm passes by take care.

Andi said...

Very happy to see that you are back to blogging. Love your new header!
How lovely of you guys to all come together to help a fellow crafter.
I will be thinking of you and hoping this storm passes quickly and without damage.

elaine said...

Love your new look blog:) inspiring me to revamp mine too! Stay safe with the storm coming in x