Monday, October 21, 2013

a really pretty day...

as the sun sets on this really lovely day

 I thought I'd show you...

it's doing it again!!!!
the tree over there
 in the neighbours yard...

for the umpteenth time it's turning pretty colours in the sun light!!!!!
the lake is even blue today 
as the clouds float by overhead
as you can see the other trees don't have much colour
but they'll turn soon too and then it's back to bare branches


it's also been a busy day around here
husband dealing with the leaves outside
and me dealing with the leavings inside
laundry and hoovering (vacuuming )
oven cleaning 
lots of boring but necessary things
so it's soup and bread for supper
 coz I'm pooped!!!
and he'll be too tired to eat anything more difficult !!!!  




Anonymous said...

... and a really pretty day makes a really pretty blog! I would like to knit your pictures! The header is beautiful too. Mia S

Andi said...

Your view is my dream world. So beautiful, M!