Wednesday, October 30, 2013

another southbay shawl...

I'm not sure how many I have made with this pattern
but it's more than any other
 because it's so easy to remember and so fast to work up...
I started this in the summer when I re-found the thread in a bag at the bottom of a bin in the shelves
I don't remember the name of the cotton ... I took the labels off...  but it's kinda lumpy and bumpy
and I got it cheap
 in a store that sells cheap!!!  
my kind of store!!!
anyway there it is
in all its cotton drape-y glory 
and I've even worn it
as it's a bit chilly in the morning and this is just enough
I've worn out the other cotton one I made ages ago
so it's nice to have a new one
if you haven't tried the pattern 
you should
it's easy and fast and soon you would have your very own 

that's it for today
that's all I gots
peace out 


Susanne said...

How lovely. I just got done making 3 of the Elise shawls (free pattern on Revelry). All of a sudden everyone is in the shawl making business and aren't they just the most fun thing to make. Thank you for sharing the pattern source. I love the color and yarn you used.
Susanne :)

charu said...

Looks good. I've been contemplating doing this one for ages and you've certainly made me lean towards making one ASAP.