Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi-Ya...c'est une Friday fantastique...!!!!!

there is no reason to have bobby rydell singing
as you read  or look at this post
but it's one of those days
and it came on the radio as I started writing this post
so push play and sway as we look at how very
 pretty the
garden looks right now..
even though we are in the middle of a heat wave
with all the rain and cool weather we've had
 it's all just
bloomin luverly 
the friday flowers this week are courtesy of
mother nature
and not the store
and at the very end you will find that
giant doily I have been making
it isn't blocked
it isn't a very pretty picture
yes it's on the floor
but HEY
it's done

play this when your significant other walks through the door
have a good weekend


the front

the back

the side bed

the front side bed

moth flowers

dogwood and blue

a volunteer daisy plant....squee!!!

an Appalachian sun drop/butter cup/very yellow thing 

a very very very old rose bush my youngest bought me a very very very long time ago

and the never ending doily...
that is finally ended