Friday, May 17, 2013

a new vase for the friday flowers

some time ago 
I decided I wanted a 
vase for the living room
when I was on the 
colour  the  place  up  a  bit 
 coz  it's too  dark  and  drab  
frame  of  mind
so I went on a search
 so did 

but our tastes do not mesh on things such as this
I am very particular about what I want to look at for the eons that I will have it
for I do have things that have been around for
ages even
that are
(no... I didn't use a thesaurus)
getting on
along in years

and husband is too
choosy that is

and quite truthfully
we are along in years and superannuated  too !!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

so I made it known that I would be choosing said item
nicely of course
but pointedly
(coz the things he was looking at and showing me
 made shudders run down my spine!!!!

short story long!!!!!
 I waited and looked a little 
here and there 
 every so often
because getting a new vase is not important 
not one little bit
not at all
it is the lowest thing on a list of things far more important

I found something on Etsy that would have filled the bill very nicely
but when I decided to go back and get it
someone had beaten me to it

so I hope they enjoy their very nice new
long may it hold their Friday Flowers

then fate steps in......
(or to use my favourite expression lately......
some bloody effing bastard 

stole my credit card number 
ran up eight hundred plus dollars worth of crap
 from E-bay 
and caused me to wait 
a few days more)
I fooled them

husband needed a hair cut
 so I waited for him in the useless craft store
that wasn't so useless
 that day
for in the depths of its
50% OFF shelves 
for all things living- room-ish
sat a vase
of the "turquoise" persuasion
waiting for me to find it
and find it I did 
so with
cheque book in hand
I marched up to the check out portion of the store 
 and purchased said
while I tried to remember how to write a cheque!!!!!!

so that is why the flowers are up there  front and centre again today
which is

and I understand completely if it isn't to your taste
we each have our own vision and version of
vases of the "turquoise" persuasion
so I hope you find one of your own this week end
or whatever it is your little heart desires
and may it be
50%  + off


the credit card problem has been taken care of and all is well
and all that is left to do is change everything everywhere and hope the beb's leave me alone
this is the second time it's happened 
seeing as I don't do retail therapy that often
 (no I don't!!)
it's just annoying 
very very
rude to steal what is not yours


Anonymous said...

oh dear,how horrible for you. the vase and flowers are very pretty though, so it all turned out for the best. you are so funny the way you write.

MrS wiLDaBoUtCoLoR said...

Lady Marilyn, what a fright & charging these things by buying from Etsy! Horrible. Glad you got it all straighten out my dear :']

That vase is to die for! Very, very pretty. Something I would grab, oh yeah.


MrS wiLDaBoUtCoLoR said...

I meant E-bay not Where's my mind?

KinnicChick said...

This has been happening to so many people of late. :(

Sorry to hear that you have also been hit with it. I'm knocking on wood at my own luck since I caught them with only $10 of mine. Testing the waters, I guess before diving in the deep end.