Tuesday, May 7, 2013

bits and pieces...

firstly I am not complaining
but it's raining again
and it's a tad chilly and grey 
but I remember the drought and heat too well to ever complain about the rain!!!
it's so green outside it's
yesterday morning I was trying to decide whether to work on the yo-yo's and hexes again
as the doily is making me irritable 
I keep making tiny mistakes that grow into huge errors and I have to keep going back and doing it again
so it's taking waaaaayyyy too long 
and I'm over it
 I want to finish it
oh that the world's problems were this minute!!!

while sorting things out
I heard the word
from without the roomontheleft
and that was it
camera grabbed I left both hexes and yo-yo's
and went to see the BABIES!!!

here you can see mama and papa doing the neck thing and warning off whomever
look how big the babies are
so in the drizzle I stood
feet wet
 swatting mosquitoes or knats or whatever
and trying to be invisible
and failing!!!
so I left them to their lunch and departed
only to go back later on when they returned with
the heron the swans and the ducks that are left
 ( who buggered orff the second I appeared)
some people live in farmyards
we live with 
water fowl

the swans look a tad muddy...they spend an awful lot of time under the water...
so with all the water coming in to the lake I guess it's a bit dirty!!!

three families now together
safety in numbers
I hope

then the swans arrived and one lone goose who was not welcomed one bit
poor thing

and as I turned to leave them in peace once again
the heron.....
the blurry speck there flying by...

I also saw two other Canada Geese parents with babies and
the lone otherkindofgoose 
but he helps look after babies if he is allowed
and he is
 but they swam around the corner and out of view
so he has a family again which is great
and  so 
all is well
on the lake
fingers crossed.....


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KinnicChick said...

OH! Absolutely wonderful photos! And your description of the happy little families and your role in it and your life there... :)

Thank you for sharing.