Monday, January 25, 2010


I saw this a little while ago and was just taken with it for some unknown reason.  It is sooo old fashioned, it's charming! It looks a whole lot harder than it is, so when I find things like that out, I like to share....'coz you know the saying
"If I can do it....."
So, if you want to know how to do this, I'll show you....
I am sure there are places on the Web where you can find patterns and such, but if you don't know how to do the basics then patterns aren't much good!
If you are new to crochet, it is "do-able", because there are no complicated stitches or instructions. You just have to know how to do double crochet and think in 3-D!!
For the above sample I...

ch 20
dc into 8th ch from hook
(that makes the first dc and ch2 )skip 2ch
dc/ch2,sk 2ch into the remaining chains across
you will have 6 dc and 5 spaces.
ch5 and turn
dc into next dc,ch2, skip 2ch and continue across as before.
When you have 5 spaces across and 5 down
you have a workable base on which to do the wiggles.

this is much easier to do than to write....

take the new colour and attach it to the right hand bar
in the centre of the base with a slip stitch.
Making sure to position it so you can go UP the bar, make three dc in same space.
make four dc in the bar at the top
(the bad drawing shows which one I mean!)

four dc down the left side

four dc across the bottom bar

four dc on the right hand bar of the space underneath

across the bottom of that space

up the left side

across the bottom of the space on the left

up the left side

across the top

up the left of the space ABOVE the centre

across the top

down the right side

across the top of the space to the right

down the right side

across the bottom

and join to the begining 3ch and end.

There I told you it wasn't hard.

It's like following a maze and you just can't lose your place or you will roam for evermore!!

O is the starting place and the ending.

Now the outer wiggles

join new colour to one of the outer corner spaces with a slip stitch
ch 3 3 dc in same space
4 dc in same corner space
4 dc on left side of space

4 dc across bottom of space to the left,
4 dc up the left side

so basically you will be zig zagging along the edge to the left
wiggle wiggle
all the way back to the beginning.
When you get there join to the top of the starting 3 ch and end.

I took the middle out so you could see the edge a little better.
and the photo below is how you wiggle your way around.
Going to the left ....
you can go the other way I suppose,
just be sure to zig-zag.
I only hope this is understandable
I haven't written a crochet pattern before
and probably never will again....
but if you read this and understand it
then that was my only intention.
If you have a problem,leave a comment and we'll see if we can work it out.

I intend to make a little rug to put my dainty feet on while I sit at the computer, but we all know who is going to end up taking it....

rug...wot rug?