Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great idea...

 I did a bit of surfing on the blogs this morning and I visited Bush Babe,  (  who lives in Australia.....just think about it for a second.....the other side of the world from me and I just click a button.....but that's another story. She takes the most beautiful photographs and I drool once in a while, wondering if I will ever be that good. There are a couple of other "photo takers" who blow me away too. Chronicles of a Country Girl is one and of course Pioneer Woman. Anyway, this morning Bush Babe shows pictures of her horses eye, with a reflection in it. And she wondered what we could come up I took what I saw. Familiar and ordinary to me, but if looked at with another "eye", is quite interesting. So here are my attempts... however feeble!!

out the front door

front door in a plate

in a kitchen cabinet

and in the oven!!!! with all the mess on the table,
just keeping it real.

I don't get out much do I?


  1. Love it!!! Sorry I'm late - just adding you into the link list now...

  2. PS Putting me in a list with Kate from Chronicles of a Country Girl and Ree from Pioneer Woman has flummoxed me! Dear me... *blushes furiously*