Sunday, January 24, 2010


has been in short supply of late
so, the last time the sun actually shone,
I just walked around the house and took some pictures. Mostly because of the shadow-play.

This is an orchid I have had for a while.
It has only bloomed once for me, in the dead of winter. It is a Jewel Orchid and I love the leaves enough not to care that there are no flowers!
(That is not dust on the leaves. Really it isn't!)

This plant is a form of Rabbit's Foot fern. It is quite "mature" now and it seems to be doing very well sitting on the edge of the stand where the light can get to it.

It has curious blue stems that get quite hairy!!!
I like unusual plants.

These looked lovely in the sun and I loved their shadows on the wall.

face on mars!!

This was my mothers..
as was this.
Isn't it annoying to see the dust only after the picture is taken??!!

Oh well, just keeping it real!
I did dust thoroughly after I saw this,
but I'm pretty sure it's all back by now!

An old Chinese vase with a "glint"

and a pretty blue bell

And last, but by no means least,

my Tibetan bead, that husband bought me a couple of Christmas's ago, hanging about in the sun. The grain of the wood in the old mirror really shows.

Have a sunny day, even if it isn't here.

Is it Spring soon?