Monday, October 6, 2014


when last we were here
I was hoping to get this done...
it got a couple more rows and a semblance of an edging and then it got too hot and heavy so I 

did other things....

my oven is a pain in the bum and likes to over brown things these days... hate it.... 

like .....
pie making and baking
and also a banana bread was made
but not photographed

when I started crocheting a million years ago I used to make what is now called 
granny stripes...only I didn't use more than one colour
I suddenly remembered how to 
so I did
I started one and just seem to have kept going
I have a lot of yarn to use up

and at some point went out and did some shopping
the have to kind 
and the want to kind
and I wanted to put the photo's I won into some frames
so I found two frames in the dusty messy shop
and brought them home...

 along with the have to haves
and oh
there's the banana bread or what's left of it
don't you love having a full fruit plate!!!???
and more apples to make more appley things with

and we can't go too much longer without a
glimpse of the lake

with the beginnings of sparkle time
it's been so gloomy of late it's really nice to see blue water again
but not a goose to be seen
I miss them

and just coz this was front and centre
take me ...  take me
I did
I moved this a matter of a couple of feet and it's taken off like a
giant fern 

more sunshine and shadows and see how green it still is

and as it's time to go

I'll leave you with the moon in the  trees the other night
good night moon
see you lovlies later...

and  to 
"a nonny mouse" who made comment of my
the only way I know how I make stitches
 is to make them
and I don't think mine are any better than most
but thank you!!!!
I've been crocheting for a really long time
 so I don't really think about it anymore
if you are new to hooking
practice makes perfect
and if it 's not perfect
keep hooking
make sure the hook compliments the yarn
try one size up or down
unless you have to have a precise measurement
make lots of wash cloths or scarves
 to practice stitches
and most of all don't sweat it
and have fun
it's supposed to take the stress away
not add to it

:) :) :)


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Anonymous said...

that blanket is so fantastic. your sense of color is amazing. love it. and the pie is yummy.