Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2 V's make a W on a Wednesday

I've been messing around with the ends left over from the stash busting
(is that even English?????)

Little bits and pieces sitting around ready to be worked into some random idea that floats in and out of the noggin
I like V-stitches
big ones and small ones
so I worked on a V-stitch block
not a hard thing to do
after a couple of adjustments and tweaks

the top left corner is the final result
not sure about the corners tho'
maybe bumped up against some others it would sit better

just some wandering and wondering 
on a Wednesday
the weather is so nice right now
sun and blue sky
warm breezes
and cool nights 
with a full moon lighting up the lake
no pictures
just words on a Wednesday

woo woo!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday M. Hope you have a good day.