Friday, October 31, 2014


Karma's a bitch
 isn't she?

I complained about too much hooky stuff on this
blog of nothingness
for almost two weeks 
hooky stuff was not for me
whether I wanted it or not

yarn arrived for the continuation of the white lacy blanket

and I started on it
wondering if it would ever be finished
as it is one of those
"I see it I want it and I have to have it now"
that is 
quite truthfully 
quite a boring job
but I still love it and want it
but Karma decided to teach me a lesson
she took away the ability to sit and hook

my shoulder flared up and for days I suffered on the couch
sometimes in silence
other times
not so much

after the third degree from husband.....
it's a pinched nerve
muscle cramp
joint pain
hot and painful
too much leaning on the elbow
too much elbow bending'
but not of the alcoholic type
(sometimes I think I should start all the things I never did)
being one of those annoying people who don't and can't take drugs
other than Tylenol
I  just waited for the pain to go away
I watched movies and the shows I tape
and decided I really like Scandinavian shows
and Italian shows
but not so much the French and German ones
 the German one
 that is written by an American
and takes place in Venice
and all the names and places are Italian
but they all speak German
confused much!!

I survived and more importantly so did husband 
who after a few days insisted I take a baby aspirin
or 12
and it helped a bit
so I am on the way back from the pit of pain and torture

I can get up without yelling or grunting
I tried to do something of the hooky kind

but it's not time yet
I found other ways to entertain myself

a ballerina 
made of wire and napkins
both of which I have an abundance


and while waiting for the water to boil
a giant
candy corn
under glass!!!!
we don't do 
tricks and treats around here anymore

and at last
it's over
the worst season of the year 
in my humble opinion
Halloween is over


and husband says one can tell what season of the year it is around here

by the napkins


have a good one 
if you do it
if not
shut the shades and dim the lights
and wait for the little pests to go away

the colour continues



Hope your pesty shoulder mends soon. Love the ballerina. I must try it!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you've been in pain and not able to hook. We "didn't do it", and then next day I found two sweets on my doorstep. Have to admit I felt bit bad! Mia S

Unknown said...

1000 blog posts??? Wow ~ Congratulations