Thursday, January 16, 2014

thumbnail thursday??!!!

in case you hadn't noticed
I got a new camera
(the old one froze in zoom mode, so it was returned!!)
I put my right hand up and swore I would "case" the thing 
when it's not being used...

it rained   it snowed   it blew a gale 
 I was forced to take shots from behind glass 
and hanging out the door
with the zoom lens fully extended
 once again...
(so far   so good)
and instead of making you scroll down the page 
I collage-d  some for you

the birds on the feeder
(do not judge us by our feeder
it is very very old
but it still serves them well
and with all the squirrels around we have yet to find a better one
it is cleaned and stocked regularly!!!!!)
they could hear the camera clicking but they could not see me for the reflection on the window
and I hope by now they know we will not harm them
so they flew in and snacked
and I got tired of clicking!!!!!
I'll figure some other better way of shooting them I hope
double glazed windows
for taking pictures!!!!

the violet buds caught my eye
so I shot them too
always nice to see the proper blue violets begin to sprout

and of course

the swan

and for an added bonus today
the baffle head duck
taken very quickly before he dove and went
which is what I will now do......