Friday, January 31, 2014

lost in trans-it...

I found this on Etsy on the 14th of January
it was living in State over from here
I bought it
it's vintage and it's sweet and it's what I wanted
it's the 31st  today
more than enough time for this little package to have found its way here
but I wait still 
wondering what little corner of the huge machine that is the
(US Postal System)
it's lost in
I will report it missing today
as it's had plenty of time to walk here from there 
had it chosen to

so while I wait I while away part of a cold winter's afternoon
using a craft stick

to make a little lace...

the boom stick was occupied

have a great week end everybody

it's getting warmer here
the geese are sitting around a big ice hole

waiting for spring