Friday, January 10, 2014

a touch of the bah humbugs..

with a smidgen of
I'm so sick of winter and I don't even have to go out in it
so why an I complaining.....

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something new on the needles
coz I got bored with the other things
on the other needles
it might be for someone close by but I'm not sure
hopefully I'll get the hang of the slip stitch pattern and
it off the needles this weekend

had to send the new camera back
the lens kept sticking
guess I zoomed one too many times
or it got too cold
or dust made it stick...
but I still have my precious Blue
and that's what I took the knitting with
the new one will be here soon I suppose
and as there isn't much of anything to shoot
all is good
for now
stay warm
 or cool
or dry
stay safe
and I'll see you soon
somewhere out there!!!!!!

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