Monday, October 29, 2012

it's here!!!

from ABC News and you will go!!!!

in the six hours I was asleep
things changed and it's going to be worse here than they said
not as bad as it's going to be elsewhere
but bad enough to worry everyone
incredible amounts of rain
and high winds
thinking you are prepared is a laugh
the sheer size of this thing is mind boggling
the clouds are now reaching up into the
Arctic Circle
while they are still in Florida
the ocean is HUGE
you can see how much water is being pushed just looking at the TV pictures
the damage is going to be horrendous
we don't have any of that to worry about

just the wind in the trees

that are hopefully healthy and strong enough to stand their ground
after a year of stressful conditions for them

we have had other storms go through
big ones
but this one is different
so they keep saying
and I heard the explanation yesterday that says why this is different
"a perfect storm"
it has
"the seas of a Nor'Easter
the Winds of a Hurricane"

A Nor'Easter can in fact be worse than a Hurricane
and Hurricanes are bad enough 

but don't worry 
we'll be fine
and if we're not
is worse off


poor buggers

can't wait for it all to be over

I'm shutting the computer off so if the power goes out all will be well
see you on the other side
Wednesday is supposed to be a pretty day
with sun and blue skies
"everything like that there"

stiff upper lips and all that
say wot

pip pip and cheerio lads