Sunday, October 28, 2012

click on the picture and it will go to a local DC...Washington that is....Nations Capital...where the twits are....

OK you sweet people
I'm getting e-mails telling me you're worried about us
and I thought I would let you all know
it will be just fine
I am not at all anxious
the storm will be going past us and to the North
we will feel it of course
but I think it will be minimum impact
I know there will be flooding 
to our immediate North 
as the areas right around DC 
go down if a squirrel sneezes
we just got a call from the 
Cable Company
which I didn't get to in time and there is a message about if something should happen
don't call us..... we know
sort of thing!!!!!
haven't had one of those before 
but it's probably because all the service companies are a little
sensitive to criticism since the
a few months ago

I have supplies in...
I have cooked a few things ...
so if the power goes down we can still
we have a gas cook top 
so I can still make tea and heat stuff up
we have some water
as it's going to get a little bit cold in a couple of days
(which is when the storm is supposed to go 
on us
when it meets up with the cold front 
and that's when it turns left!!!)
we have a gas fireplace too
so we can warm our tootsies
I have a supply of books
and yarn and
I changed the "naughty yarn" as Andi called it
 for some
obedient prettier kind
and all is well with the
I really appreciate the concern and the thoughts
you are all the best
 If the power stays up

I'll let you know what it's like to live through
mega storm

the kind I watch on the
cheesy Sci-Fi Channel
on a Sunday afternoon
when there is nothing else to do

but you know...
the crazier the movies get
the crazier the weather gets

or is it the other way around


do do do do
do do do dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



( just so you know
I do realize this is very serious and people can be in real danger
I hope it isn't as bad as they keep saying
the hype is enormous but they have to do that to get some idiots to pay attention
I feel for those who are just getting back to normal from all the disasters from last year and a few months ago
I hope they are spared anymore stress

everyone keep safe and do what's right)