Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a new love on a wednesday

many moons ago I found this treasure trove

click to go to the site
and kept it to myself 
even though I know she is famous
or should be
the colours she uses are right up my alley
and I sat and drooled
and sat some more
dreaming of what I could use it for
and then I found the pattern that made me think

so on Sunday I ordered a skein
and today
3 days later
I got my treasure
it came out of the envelope 
onto the swift and yarn winder in record time
husband laughed at how fast the 
swift was turning
I didn't take photos
coz you can't
and click all at the same time
so I'll be gone
I'll be on the couch
click clacking away
watching rubbish on TV
or maybe I'll try to read as well
I have a book holder somewhere
I'll see you 


elaine said...

SO exciting! new yarn, new project - enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

These shawls are VERY fashionable right now, but they have to be very very long so they can wrap loosely round the neck and have two sides hanging down quite low. Even I can't wait to see the outcome!!

Anonymous said...

52,992 visitors???!!! Blimey!

Allyson said...

Beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern!

Tammy said...

That shawl design is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you create with that lovely yarn. Best wishes, Tammy

madhu said...

I felt all your excitement reading this post and that sure looks fabulous!!!! How I find passion so very beautiful and thrilling. Enjoy!!!!! :-)