Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sun and Moon

At 7.20 this morning I took this...
the first light of day.


On the other side of the house was this...
the almost full moon.
The last light of night?

Then I came into the room on the left and did this.
(I seem to have the bug to bead, but just for this one thing.)

And various other things, until this came....

So, dinner's in the oven, the coffee's in the cup,
the cat is in her basket, a few hairballs lighter, the hub's is ....who knows!!,
so I'm off to Scotland to catch up with
Isabel Dalhousie and sweet Charlie.

'til the next time.

Edited...the "furminator" works.  It really, really works!!!!  So few things seen on tee vee do, so it was a nice surprise and the cat feels so much better!!!