Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's back...

entry to the outside world, that is.  Last evening the plows arrived, actually two enormous graders, and cleared a pathway out. I like the feeling of being cut off, for a while, and when the machines arrive, I miss the pristine look of the fallen snow. 

Now, I understand people have to get out, but while it lasts, it's magical. We live in a subdivision that is at the end of the "line", and in years past have been left to our own devices, and it seems, we still are, last that is.  The hubs worked very hard at clearing the snow from around the house and the driveway, and of course, the plows blocked us in again.  They can't help it, but this morning a very sweet and helpful stranger, just driving by with a blade on his truck, pushed the snow aside and now it's clear again.  Such a kind gesture.....there are still those to be had.

 I wonder how humans survivied in the old days.  Have been reading about all the chaos and mayhem, here and in Europe, over the last few days. It's like it's never snowed before and the systems seem to be very fragile.  My sister lives in Canada, and she told me last week that the transport system up there had fallen apart with the first bit of winter weather they had. If the CANADIANS can't deal with it....how the hell are the rest of us supposed to!!! 

I must tell you about this....on the right side of my page you will see the list of blogs I read.  Click on the Chronicles of a Country Girl and look at her slideshow.....she explains how to link the music to it.  It is just beautiful......and her dog........George.

I'll be back!!!