Monday, November 30, 2009

Like the old days...

When my family lived in Kenya and England, listening to the radio was what we did.   In England we had a telly, of course, but in those days it didn't start until mid afternoon and it ended at midnight.  No endless, mindless talk about nothing, so in the mean time, we listened to the radio.  There were comedy programmes, quiz shows and mystery stories and plays. I remember sitting on the arm of my father's chair, while he had his one glass of whiskey, listening to the "beep, beep, beep", of the BBC World Service, as it sailed across the planet, from London to Nairobi.  They still do it, but it's slightly different.  Of course, as soon as the news started, I started talking and my father would shush me and I would leave......being told NOT to talk while the news was on.  We listened to the Goon Show, and  even the Olympics from Rome, I think it was.....have to check on that!!!( Yup....thanks Wikipedia)  One got to use ones' imagination and you could make of it what you wanted.  As a teenager, in England, I listened to "the pop music" on a tiny, tinny-sounding transistor radio, and on Sunday nights would go to sleep to the "Pirate Station", out in the English Channel, that played the Top 40.  There is now a movie about this, (the pirate ship, not me going to sleep!!!).  I haven't seen it and probably won't until it shows up on the  free movie channels, early one morning.  Anyway...when I came here, I missed the radio a lot.  I had one, but there was only talk and news and sports, and I found only one station I listened to.  Getting married and having the boys, radio got lost and TV took over.  But I always remembered the radio in the background. Recently, on my trip around the blogosphere, I landed on someone's blog, don't know who, after many links, and there was a link to the BBC iPlayer Console.  Thinking it probably wouldn't work, I clicked, and lo and behold, I heard voices.....familiar voices, even after all this time.  It was the Archers.....a radio "soap opera" that, to my surprise, is still playing.  It is only 15 mins long, and who can't listen for that length of time?  And then I discovered BBC Radio 1 thru 8.........what a find!!!  So, now while I am in the "room on the left", I switch on the "radio" and listen once again.  Here is the link......(I hope it works, 'coz I haven't linked to anything yet)....and I hope you find something you enjoy!!!                  

After the dishes are done and the dust has been banished, and all the other things that take up our time, like work and family!!!, sit and listen, rather than watch.  You can sew or hook without having to look's really "neat".

Yes, that is really me.....

and this is Daddy listening to the Football Pool Results.....
another time I would choose to talk!!!

Edited.....First of all, I know these are terrible images, but I don't know how to fix them, so this is what I have right now.
And I remembered the photos after I wrote this post.

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