Friday, November 20, 2009

First Entry

Hello. This will be me, doing what I do. No big deal, nothing exciting! Just me, here in the "room on the left". I called it that because the room I spend most of my time in these days is on the left side of the house!!!

My husband recently gave me his old computer and we set it up on my desk, where I do what I do. I like to make things, like so many others, here in the blogosphere, and now that I can spend as much time online as I want, I wander round and look at all the incredible creations people make. It is amazing to see the creativity out there and how much of the old things have made an appearance once again. I have discovered that, at my age, I belong to what is now called the "Vintage Era"!! Things from when I was much younger, coming back and being considered new again. For instance, crochet is now all the rage and everyone seems to be doing it. Knitting, too. But the difference is, it's new and fresh and so much prettier! Who would have thought crocheted dish cloths and face cloths could look so good?! I even made some and intend on giving them to friends. The blankets and afghans out there are enough to cover the planet by now. But what is important in all this, I think, is that the "old crafts" are being picked up again and aren't being lost. And with the internet so available to everyone, teaching and learning is so easy. ain't hi-tech amazing!?

So, here I am, in my room, joining in with the all the rest out there. You are most welcome to stop by and visit anytime. If you do, let me know, so I don't think I am talking to myself.....

'til the next time...