Friday, November 7, 2014


the weather continues it's crazy journey into the next season
it's definitely Autumn
but not everywhere
 all the time
yesterday it got very sunny and then in an instant
it got darker and darker
and the black clouds rolled in
the wind picked up and
it rained
and then just as quickly it all rolled out
behind it came
the birds
a huge
many numbered
of black birds
flew in
I had opened a couple of windows so I heard the noise first
 I grabbed Blanch
 (my camera)
and went out into the wet and windy
and in they came

i did take a video but they were so scattered and high up it was hard to make sense of what was going on
so I think the photos as lousy as they are
are better

and I made a yummy fruit cake too
apple carrot walnut golden raisin
glazed bread cake
and it was good
still is
but it won't be for long
found it on

but it's on her site
I think I found a new favourite cake to make when I want cake 
but not sweet and covered in three inches of icing
I added the raisins as I am a raisin lover
I recommend it highly!!!
the cake not the raisins

I'm still not hooking
a little gun shy I think
or should that be hook shy
Oh well
at least I have cake!!!!!