Monday, November 3, 2014


holy crapola batman
its friggin freezing
what happened
it snowed south of us
we got high winds and the temperature plummeted 
and the hour change that we had
made it worse
it got dark so fast it felt weird
so I made a big pot of beef barley soup
toasted some bread and sat on the couch soup cup in hand
which was cold the hand not the soup!!!!!
sweater wrapped tight and pouted
which of course did no good at all but it felt good
this morning was colder than yesterday
so this is what I'm wearing today
I don't think I've shown it 
but if I have
here it is again!!!  
if you want the pattern I'll have to look for it
and will post it
but it's very easy to copy if you look at it for a while
rows of US double crochet/treble UK
and Solomons knot for two rows
I love it
mostly for the yarn I used
which had been sitting waiting to be used
its just acrylic and it's quite cheap but the colours are just
so me
on a cold and sunny morning

it could all be so much worse
i know

but I don't
do cold
very well

hot coffee is calling
have a sunny day
stay warm
or cool
 if you're really down south

til the next time