Saturday, February 22, 2014

new pattern...old yarn!!!


a while ago and found it again a couple of days ago
so I had a go yesterday
and look what happened
 yarn in the stash that needs to be used
Caron Country which I loved
but it's been discontinued so I don't have a lot to use
 I played with the colours 
with this stitch
"Leaping Stripes and Blocks"
that comes from 

looks different because I used so many colours
and I changed the dc (US) to a half dc
there is a wonderful video to help you  do it
and it's a lot easier than it looks
gather all those bits again and have a go
I made it with thicker cotton too
and it worked in a "messier" way...
I liked this tighter denser version

the weather continues to be completely crazy
it's playing silly buggers all over the place
we were under tornado warnings and watches yesterday
and in fact a tornado touched down on the other side of the river in Maryland, 
it reached almost 70 F ( 14/15 C)
today will be the same
and then it's going back down....way down next week 
with more snow