Tuesday, February 25, 2014

merry chrisuary...

it wasn't supposed to snow until tomorrow
but it decided to surprise us and arrive today
we took a trip up the road to get vittles for the rest of the week
because the great arctic vortex is coming again and we wouldn't want to be caught short
would we
the three above are phone camera
snow and movement make for blurry photos
but you get the gist
the ones below were taken with fancy shmancy camera
cold fingers and blowing wind make for blurry photos
but you get......

the drift

right before the movie

we snuggled down and decided to watch a movie in the afternoon!!!!
when it was over
so was the storm 
and this is what it looked like

half an hour after the movie...movie was 90 mins!!!!!

told you the weather was playing silly buggers