Friday, July 12, 2013

it's that day again..

the end of another week

this week went by quickly
nothing of any interest or consequence happened
I continue on the doily quest
this one is olive in colour and it's almost done
just a few more stitches to go
so... I started an edging piece
just because
 I found a piece I had started a while ago 
and it's easy to do
 and if you want to do it
it's found on
there are lots of lovely patterns there
all for the taking

I bought TWO bunches of flowers this week
these are just a few of them
the weather is grey and wet and dull
but you can see how neon green it is outside!!!!!!!
and it's about to storm again and we're under another flash flood warning

so I'll say 
have a good weekend
now I'll  go and finish the olive green doily and wonder what there is for dinner
see excitement to the nth degree


see ya!