Monday, July 8, 2013

anybody out there....

the last one steamed and sorta blocked...

it's much nicer in person and it looks nice on the dark wood table....
unfortunately I am still finding patterns on line that call out to be made..
so I will answer until I can no more!!!

we've been having a lot of clouded over days when it gets so dark you have to put the lights on
and the other day the sun broke out and shone on the little basket of violets and made them sparkle
although there are no photos the geese have grown into their own gaggle
all the families are now one and in the early morning they glide across the far side of the lake
in the early sun and it's such a sight to see
the swans have not been seen for weeks so I think they moved on
hopefully down to a lake in Florida where I know 
 who will take good care of them!!!
I wish!

so on we go with the addiction
this time in
Victorian red
the new cotton is very different from what I've been using 
used a #7 for this one
and I will try a #5 for the next
my stupid back has been giving me fits lately so I tend to be quiet and broody
plus nothing of any consequence is going on so there is nothing to post about really
the weather is horrible and too hideous to even talk about
I hate the weather here and how the hell I ended up in it is any ones guess
really anyone's

hope your summer is going well
and I'll see you the next time around
probably after the next addition is complete

stay cool