Tuesday, June 11, 2013

one more time...

a doily
a purple one this time
sorry 'bout the bad light
there isn't any
or there wasn't when I took this
now of course it's just fine!!

really like the texture with this one
same stitch over and over
with a break of chains
so it didn't get boring
not sure about the colour tho'
but I'll never know as I have no intention of doing another one
once for each pattern is enough

and now
to the lake

we had another major down pour last night
buckets and buckets and buckets came down on us
this morning they said
2-3 inches
in a matter of minutes mind
and we're in for another round today and most of the week

so I may have to start hooking a dinghy soon
and gathering the gooses two by two

^^^^ this photo is from January to show how full the lake is ^^^^

as it looks today and you can see how brown it is too from the run off
unfortunately the log with the turtle floating on it have disappeared
he must have sailed off into the sunrise!!!!

glugg!!!!!  glugg!!!!