Thursday, June 6, 2013

damn and blast....

 I had my I took some snaps of the clouds that are already over us

there is a tropical storm lurking over Florida
which is a long long way away from our neck of the woods
but it seems she reaches far and wide
hope she burns herself out by the time she gets here tomorrow

we took a little trip "into town"
as a friend of ours used to say
we have no town 
so it's funny they should say that!!!
food and necessities were on the list
and a trip to
Wallyworld too
you know 
I keep seeing/reading people say that there are folk
 who go to Wallyworld in curlers and pajamas
 in all the years I've been going
 I have never ever 
seen anyone in their PJ's
or curlers
I have seen people in their slippers and "lounge wear" at the local gas'n'go
up the road...that's always fun!!! but I don't go there need!!!  he! he!
and while we were in 
the big W
guess what I came across

if I had known!!!!!!